First Star Online is one of the longest running MMORPG's today. The third installment continues in the tradition of previous, by giving you a simple game with tons of depth. If you've played FSO before, you know what to expect. If you've never played an FSO game then try it for the first time by clicking the download link at the top of the page. You can play FSO3 for free for as long as you want.
FSO3 is an action MMORPG. Although combat is fast-paced, this is still a very deep game with many new (and old) skills you can use to advance your character. These skills include: Treasure hunting, crafting, repairing, enchanting, fishing, lumberjacking, mining, extracting, cave crawling, and 11 different types of combat skills.
FSO3 also features great new innovations in the MMORPG genre: randomly generated adventures. No longer can you memorize a maze to get through it quickly. Our engine creates mazes on the fly with random monsters and treasures inside. Everyone's invited to go on these adventures... just wait for the invitation to be sent to you. If you prefer less daring methods of getting rich, find a treasure map and a shovel and go on a hunt. You never know what you might dig up.

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