First Star Online 3 Registration

Not to be confused with account creation, which is performed in-game.

Why Register? For just $5, you can help keep this game up an running! As thanks, 500 gold will be deposited to your in-game bank account. You'll also receive the new "Recall" spell, which allows you to set up to 3 warp points anywhere in the game, and instantly travel back to them.

The reintroduction of registrations serves the purpose of:

1. To cover basic server costs of electricity and hardware.

2. To reimplement every part of the original, intended player experience - except where it would cause unbalance in the game.

Many features which were locked behind the original $25 paywall, are now freely available to all players.

If you encounter any troubles while registering or have any questions, please see the contacts page for my personal email.



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